Make No Mistake, ChatGPT Will Replace Content Writers

3 reasons why AI will dominate and writers will suffer

E.M. DuBois


Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

ChatGPT is the latest and greatest in terms of AI Writing tools and, so far, it is completely free.

ChatGPT is dominating the headlines on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and every other platform out there. It is big news and it has captured the minds of people with how human-like and flexible it can be.

Writers that earn a living from writing long-form blog content for businesses need to be worried, in fact, it might be time to panic.

Here are three reasons why ChatGPT is the grim reaper for content writers:

It is fast

I asked the bot to write me 1500 words on a topic, it was types of hunting blinds and how they can be used, and bam!

In less than 1 minute the article was complete and ready for edits. Was it perfect? No. But it was pretty damn good.

This speed is irreplaceable, a company could hire one editor to plan and curate content. That editor could write 20 articles in an hour and spend the rest of the day editing and adding “zest” to the piece. For many companies, this is what content managers are already doing, they get the draft from a writer after planning out keywords and…



E.M. DuBois

E.M. is a teacher, freelance writer, husband, and father who loves writing creative non-fiction.